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About Protaroma Wellness

Hello, my name is Ashlynne Gingerich and I am the proud owner and founder of Protaroma Wellness. I love designing and putting my creative side to work! I also love clothing so I decided to pair the two and start a Women and Baby Online Clothing Store!

I also have my own holistic health brand specializing in pre & postnatal coaching. Check out my Instagram - @holistic_blissfulmama

I came up with the name Protaroma by combining the words Protea and Aromatherapy. "Prota" forms from the King Protea Flower. The word Protea symbolizes diversity and courage. It is a flower that comes from Hawaii. The King Protea Flower and Hawaii were two of my grandmother's favorite things. Naming the company after the King Protea flower is in dedication to my Grandma Barb. May her memory forever live on.

  The second part "aroma" forms from aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a holistic healing of the physical body and spirit, with the scent (aroma) and touch. My brand is all about Holistic Health and Wellness and how we can better create this environment in our community and in our homes.

I hand drew my logo to remind us that there are differences in each protea flower and in each of us. It represents the differences that are what makes us unique. Remember that we all go through the same war, just different battles.

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